Making of – behind the scenes

Such a beautiful place, a hidden waterfall in Ticino. I can’t stop watching.

Test Test. How does it look like? Yepp, the jacket goes away 🙂

Oh no, what a wind. A tent was not actually planned.

Hrm, do they know what they want? 

Practice for the next pose. Is the light right? Hopefully nobody is watching now.

Already close. Really cozy, so enveloped.

And waiting again for the next picture. Where’s the chocolate ???

Huh, what is now

Well, alright.

And now, all right? Then I go into position.

Yeah, a lot better. It could go all day …

And waiting again. But now there is at least some cheering.

Now there are instructions from the boss. This is how a catwalk works. Starting position!

Let’s go, that’s my stage.

And this is how the delicate hip swing goes.

Now I’m coming! It’s not that difficult – is it?

Perfectly done.

And almost done. A little extra heat is allowed.

Practice with the fabric. This is quite difficult and does not work out quite yet.

Ah, that’s how movement comes into play!

Now it’s almost perfect. A little more angle of view and then it sits.