There are times in our lives when courage leaves us. Often not at fault, and yet it just happened.

It is dark around us, everything is colorless and insensitive. Does it still feel like “life”? Rather not. You don’t feel anymore – and you’re dead, as it were.

How is a return to life possible? How to start over?

Basically, it’s simple – it all starts with one touch. Touch – and let yourself be touched. A path begins with the touch. A shell breaks open. The path is not always easy. But it leads to peace, new courage and freedom.

This path is represented in seven pictures, seven steps as it were. They lead us through the path we take with ourselves:

Specter – hidden from the world

Anima – touch and inhalation

Parchment – perception of the self

Chaos – pain and processing

Shelter – peace and silence

Me – my new me

Feather – Back to life