What moves me – and what do I want to represent with a picture?

Photography is something very personal for me. Expression of what moves and defines me. And it’s a “I’ll get involved”. See what arises. Going a path, even if you do not yet know exactly where it leads. When I started the “Touched” project, it was just a picture. It only became a story and a part of a life path in the course of work.

Getting involved, walking the path and allowing what happens – I would like to encourage you to do this. Something wonderful always arises.

Christoph Linsi, Photographer

I learned early, that life can write stories they are going deep under the skin. After several traumatic experiences in my childhood, I was able to learn, to open the book of my life and to examine and process the stories in it more closely.

Today I am consciously writing my life story. No longer as a victim, but as a creator. I can also create new worlds as an author and photo model. The story Chris made with Bruno and me touches me a lot.

There is a call in me to touch and move through art. Encourage thinking, acting and feeling and remembering who we are.

Let’s write our stories together.

Corinne Koch, Photo Model