Origin and background

The story depicted is inspired by the story of Lazarus. A person dies – and is raised from death after 4 days.

The topic fascinates me – death and resurrection. A return that seems impossible. That power in this outward story.

What does man experience, what does he live through? Is it easy to say “I’m back”? Probably not. A lot happens, people have seen and lived through a lot.

But when I implemented the story, I realized more. I felt, that she is very alive for me and speaks in my life. When I took off these prefabricated glasses, through which I looked at Lazarus, I saw more than a historical and interesting story.

What, if I don’t feel anymore? If I no longer perceive myself and my environment? Nothing more fun, life seems senseless? Then I am actually no longer at and in my life.

How do I find out how do I get back into life?

Basically, the way back is easy. And yet very difficult. Everything starts with a touch. A conversation. An open word. An outspoken thought. And to give space to openness, thoughts, words and conversation. Allow touch.

Conversation is a mutual distant touch. Christian Morgenstern


In the middle of life – and yet everything stands still.

No colors, no joy and no goal.

Life takes place – but without me.

A feeling like a steerless ship.


A human touch.

Thoughts – conversations. Open, and direct.

Beeing touched – a shell breaks open.

I breathe.


I perceive myself.

Feel and touch me.

Feelings. Life permeates me.

Becoming human.


Suffering from all the pain experienced.

Allowing. It was much – too much.

Processing and letting go.



The crying has solved. How? I dont know.

I let go – infinite calm spreads.

The soul becomes light.

No fear, no pressure. Just here.


I get up and take my life.

My life – it’s mine! And I live it!

I show myself the way I am.

I am not hiding.



How easy everything is at once.

Joy, laughter, colors, feelings.

Nothing holds me, everything is possible.

I run in the middle of this life.